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What if this were it?

Powerful words in the right context. I am lucky enough to have just begun a research career and am experiencing the wonderful stage of ‘flow’, what psychologists term a feeling of “energised focus, full enjoyment and focus on a particular activity”. … Continue reading

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The need to find one’s tribe

“For courtesy’s sake, and from frustration, she often acted as if she felt herself at one with the company, but since no one assumed that she was not one of them, since she never convinced herself in the role, since … Continue reading

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A writer speaks

Words that reach inside me…. Louise Erdrich: “……Writing has saved my life.” Interviewer: How? Erdrich: “By transforming the madness I have in me.” From: Louise Erdrich, The Art of Fiction No. 208″ interview by Lisa Halliday, The Paris Review, 2010. … Continue reading

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On seeing ourselves in each other!

I was reading Matthew Sharpe’s wonderful article on the film ‘Far from Men’ based on Albert Camus’s short story, L’Hote ( ) and my mind turned to the powerful sense of connection we can often feel with writers who have lived in … Continue reading

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Helen Garner, writing about people

I have long been a fan of Helen Garner’s work, ever since an old friend of mine lent me a copy of her book Joe Cinque’s consolation, but hearing her talk about her writing has given me a new appreciation … Continue reading

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