About us

Who are we? We are 2 women, with interests in feminism, art, and philosophy . We are also the mothers of 5 (soon to be 6) children between us. Why have we set up a blog? Well the primary reason is to create a space outside our homes and work where we can express our view points on the world around us and how it interacts with our areas of interest, and to invite other similarly minded people to do the same. The other thing is that we now find ourselves living on opposite sides of the country and this is a great way for us to bridge the distance and continue the intellectual conversations between us.

Why call it mumurings? Whilst we are proud of our identities as mothers, one of the reasons that has led us to create a blog is the struggle to maintain our “otherselves”, the part of us which lives in the abstract world with no school lunches to make and no dirty nappies to change. Having said this however, we also recognise that our role as mothers has changed forever who we are and how we think and brings a new perspective on what may have previously been more academic thoughts. We also strongly reject any notion that because we are mothers, things we think, do and say should be taken any less “seriously” than ideas communicated by persons who leave out their private domain.  As mothers we do not have that luxury of being brains in jars with no attachments. We therefore feel that to give recognition to our roles as mothers at the outset is a critical position to take in order to support women around the world who may be facing the same struggle with their “otherselves”.

Finally, we hope that this blog will interest and invite comment from all people interested in these issues and not just women and mothers, although of course their input is valued in the same way. It is only by having a whole of society debate that new perspectives and solutions can be found. We would like this blog to stimulate intellectual discussion about our ways of living and thinking and bring back daily dialogue about who we are, what we are doing and why we are here, albeit amongst school lunches and dirty nappies.

Naomie and Karine

2 Responses to About us

  1. Justine Harding says:

    Very excited to enter this blogging world 🙂 Good on you two.

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