Today, 26 January, is known by those who are historically descended from the first people of Australia as Invasion Day. The day that the land that those first peoples had always inhabited, was brutally invaded by white settlers with little thought or concern about the people who were here first. This fact exists as a historical wound to many Australians which continues to bleed each time insensitivity and disregard is shown to the existence of that fact.

Wounds occur and what is done is done. Nothing can change that. But what can occur and mitigate the damage is the process of repair, recognition, grievance. All the things which allow past hurts to slowly heal. There is no forgetting. There will possibly be never any forgiveness. But such wounds need to be recognised and respected for the damage they have done.

A day is just a day. The sun rises and sets, people are born and people die.These facts do not change. It is in how we choose to live that we can give what occurs a different meaning.

I choose to give this day a different meaning. As an individual, I choose to make this day different. To be one less participant in continuing the hurt.


About mumurings

mother, lawyer, philosopher, feminist, writer, artist
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