What if this were it?

Powerful words in the right context.

I am lucky enough to have just begun a research career and am experiencing the wonderful stage of ‘flow’, what psychologists term a feeling of “energised focus, full enjoyment and focus on a particular activity”. It is not that I have never had this feeling before, but this is probably the first time I have experienced it in a work context.

This is probably why Piers J. Sellers explanation of his decision to keep researching after receiving a stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis reasonated so strongly with me. (You can read his story Here)

To love what you do is an incredible privilege and nothing reveals that the passion more, than making the decision to continue your life endeavour when you know that your days are numbered.

Would I do the same? It is a question I have posed to myself since reading Sellers’ article. Probably, is the conclusion I have come up with. That realisation has offered me an unmeasurable amount of comfort that I have found my path. “What if this was it?” is now a question I can face, knowing I am no longer searching. To have that is the greatest privilege of all.

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2 Responses to What if this were it?

  1. David chitty says:

    Beautiful xo

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  2. Viv Gardiner says:

    I’ve always found climate change a rather depressing subject and at some level overwhelming as it often requires you to think well beyond your own existence. I often sit and talk with my dad about his anecdotal observations of how the climate has changed and how significant the changes appear to have been over a relatively short period of time. If the Eiffel tower represented a timeline of the earths existence the existence of humans could be compared with the layer of paint at the top (apparently). Given the overwhelming nature of climate change and the underwhelming political response I was pleasantly surprised by Piers J Sellers optimistic reflection on his own career and the bigger issue of climate change. How confronting must a terminal diagnosis be for anyone but it must also be so frustrating to work in a field in which your research has significant time frames. I couldn’t help but have similar thoughts when I watched David Attenborough’s interview with President Obama, he was so modest and humble. I would have probably screamed ‘come one people look what are you doing to the earth!!!!’.

    On the subject of your ‘flow’ … congratulations, go forth with vigor, enjoy and share your findings so we can all benefit from your hard work!

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