The Shadowy Figure

The shadowy figure’s presence is hard to fathom,

neither here, nor there, there is no driver at the seat.

Responds rather than initiates, doing only what is necessary, but no more.

Takes but does not give, there is no identification with what it means to be a part of and to have responsibility for.

The lament cannot be expressed in words, words have failed many times before.

It is, rather, an absence of willingness or ability to feel one’s responsibility as part of one’s being. To refuse to take on the default role, secure in the knowledge that others will step in.

The shadowy figure is disappearing but still lurks in many homes.

[The “Shadowy Figure” was inspired by a reference to this term by Lawrence Mooney during his interview on Radio National (29.04.16) describing the role of fathers in the home during the 1950’s]

About mumurings

mother, lawyer, philosopher, feminist, writer, artist
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