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On the Creative Class mother

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Because what my class of mothers consumes most is education. We know how precarious our world is, and how easily our children can fall out of it. We see the invisible line down the middle…

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“Because he will know way sooner than I want”.

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It’s hard to continue. I wish it was my kids bedtime. I wish the dishes were done. I wish the house was clean. I wish America wasn’t racist. I wish Mike Brown was in police…

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Julie Bishop doesn’t need feminism

Apparently Julie Bishop isn’t a “feminist”. Well of course not, Julie Bishop doesn’t really need feminism. It’s a bit like being well off and saying that you don’t believe in income support (hmm, sounds like someone else’s political line). Julie, … Continue reading

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Noel Pearson’s moving tribute to Gough Whitlam….this old man

If you watch anything on youtube this week, then watch this. Noel Pearson, Cape York’s indigenous leader presents a moving eulogy to Gough Whitlam paying countless tributes to the man who enshrined protection against racial discrimination into Australia’s legislation and … Continue reading

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Why stories matter

In 1945, Psychiatrist Dr Viktor E. Frankl wrote about his experiences in Nazi concentration camps in his autobiographical account, Man’s Search For Meaning. In his account Frankl sets out, not to detail all of the great horrors, which as he … Continue reading

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