Fighting racism now is the time to take a stand

Sam De Brito’s comments in today’s Age newspaper are spot on. The only reason Eddie McGuire is getting away with his comments is because he is in Australia. Eddie McGuire is not at a BBQ where although such comments would still be disgraceful they would be made privately and as such their impact would be limited to the private setting concerned. No, Eddie McGuire is a public and extremely influential figure in Australian media. As such, his opinions and attitudes count. They count because they influence and he should be held accountable accordingly.

Racism and other forms of discrimination springs from attitudes and beliefs about the inequality of certain groups of people. Laws can be enacted and institutions changed but unless these beliefs are challenged and replaced practices will not change.

The fact of the matter is, people do not make comments such as these unless they harbour such beliefs. Eddie McGuire should not be in the public positions he holds in such circumstances. He needs to step down from all positions of influence in order to acknowledge the wrong he has done to racial equality in Australia.

This is a call to all who believe in and want to take a stand against inequality, pass it on and make a stand for the type of Australia you want to live in!

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