On Hilary Mantel and royal incubators

It’s rather that I saw Kate becoming a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung. In those days she was a shop-window mannequin, with no personality of her own, entirely defined by what she wore. These days she is a mother-to-be, and draped in another set of threadbare attributions. Once she gets over being sick, the press will find that she is radiant. They will find that this young woman’s life until now was nothing, her only point and purpose being to give birth.


What a fabulous description from author Hilary Mantel describing how the press treats and depicts Kate Middleton. The fact that David Cameron has now weighed in on the issue is astounding – or perhaps not if you are a Brit given the protectiveness which they view their royal family. What would be great to see would be a response from Kate herself attacking her own representation in the media as nothing but an attractive and well bred incubator for the royal family and then perhaps giving us a bit more than pictures in bikinis. 

You can read Mantel’s entire speech here:http://www.lrb.co.uk/v35/n04/hilary-mantel/royal-bodies

 Hadley Freeman’s comment on the story at the Guardian is also worth a read



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