I think this is a well expressed male view point on the subject of feminism and how some men feel. For a start there is no hate expressed but rather an insight as to how some feminist claims can alienate men. I think we do have to be careful as feminists not to want society to work both ways. The example given here is a good one – you can’t on the one hand want complete equality but then complain when you have to pay your own way.

Being a young person in modern day Australia, and more to the point, a young male, I have found my interest in feminism has been somewhat tempered over time. During my schooling days I learnt about the suffragette struggle of Susan B Anthony and her contemporaries (although I am at pains to remember their names). I always considered myself a modern person, and to an extent I still do. I am a strong believer in gay rights and gay marriage. I am all for women’s rights, equal pay and all that comes with the basic arguments of feminism. However, for me, the feminist argument of recent years has diluted by sympathy, even to the point of perhaps viewing some elements of the cause in a negative light. A quote was put me to me recently by a friend. A male friend. It stated:

“Feminism takes the view of equality, by only focussing on the needs of one…

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