The origins of the househusband…not so “new age”!

Finally, history catches up with us, recognition that men have in earlier historical times been responsible for the home and early child care and only more recently did the responsibility shift primarily to women.  This article was chicken soup for my soul, a direct negation of the general assumption that still exists in some parts that women are born and bred for “home duties”. The fact that parental leave is still not encouraged for men, not only reinforces the stereotype and makes it more difficult for women to exercise their choice to work in an area other than the home, it is also a breach 0f a man’s right to raise his children and experience what writer Roman Krznaric describes as increasing his emotional range from “…a meagre octave to a full keyboard of human feelings.”

One also wonders at what point was the work in the home, treated with less respect than work outside the home? Clearly this was not always the case with both women and men contributing equally in pre-industrial society. Was it then the increasing reliance on currency and what it bought which relegated child rearing and housework to it unseen place in the labour market in today’s world. I wonder how long it would take for more economic recognition of that work, if men took on more of the responsibilities. For more read the article here: .

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