Bubble gum flavoured strawberries

It was reported today on the news that scientists are developing a new bubblegum flavoured strawberry. According to them it is sure to be a “hit” with the kids! It seems to me that there is an inherent danger in altering the taste of our fruit to resemble an artificial sweet. Taste buds like anything can be manipulated towards certain tastes. Are we running the risk of steering kids and the population even further away from nutritional fresh food in favour of a manufactured taste?

Whilst the nutritional value of these strawberries may be the same as other strawberries and it may be argued that this will encourage children to actually eat more fruit, I believe this could be an extremely short sighted view which ignores the more long term issues for the population. Creating a generation of kids who will only eat fruit that tastes like an artificial sweet is a clear issue which poses a significant threat to the health prospects of the nation. Whilst one might argue that tastes are manipulated everyday in processed food with the addition  of artificial flavours, one difference with altering the taste of a natural food is that the lines between artificial and natural foods become blurred. This could be a problem if it leads to children seeking out more artificial flavours in foods rather than natural flavours. Another issue is related to the prospect of  private entities “owning” the taste of a particular fruit. This issue has some similarities with the issues surrounding GM foods and cross contamination with non- GM foods. What happens where “bubble gum” flavoured strawberry crops infiltrate “natural” strawberry crops? Do we run the risk of losing the real strawberry flavour forever? Does this matter? I would be interested in your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Bubble gum flavoured strawberries

  1. concerned and disgusted says:

    Are you serious?? What is this world coming to?? I live in QLD and I am so embarrassed that we are paying for this, when the money that is wasted on this garbage could go into something worthy as in- education, cancer research ( which this crap they make helps to contribute to).
    I have 4 children that can’t even believe that adults do this. If you need bubblegum flavour just by the bubble gum. Why are we trying to change everything, mother nature has done a perfect job.
    Why can’t man just let things be and stop meddling with nature.
    Everyday my concern grows with the way the world is heading. I hope our kids have the sense to undo alot of the damage we have done and continue to do..

  2. Texasjune says:

    In my opinion, it matters a lot more than most understand. GM crops are totally different from heirloom crops (fruits, veggies, and flowers). The “intellectual/patent rights” of the designers and producers is a huge guarantee of profit, because once the heirloom plants are weak enough, no one will eat without paying the going rate for their products. I never thought I would see the day anyone would figure out a way to make a profit on the food sources of every person on this planet. Is that not an inconceivable wealth of power….a commercial enterprise that can dictate who lives and who starves. The ironic thing is, the whole industry was built under the guise of feeding the world more efficiently.

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