Mothering: A la Naturale

Cindy Sherman Shows us how it's done

Mothering doesn’t come more naturally than this…and doesn’t she look so comfortable. Cindy Sherman makes us painfully aware of why we continue to struggle with the role of ‘motherhood’ in our privileged world where we are ‘spoilt for choice’ when it comes to career AND family.


Clearly this La Reine manages to juggle both career (royal duties) and devoted mothering (breastfeeding) with aplomb. The soft-focus view of the maternal is well-documented in art history and critiqued by artists like Sherman from the 1980’s onwards. Sherman’s take on the madonna/whore division makes me think of Anne Summers’ book Damned Whores and God’s Police (1975) – our very own pioneering Australian version. The basic premise is that women are either/or. Sherman pokes a bit of the light fantastic at this… Interestingly enough,  we are still starkly divided in our perspectives of mothers and mothering in the developed world.


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