Blissful breast feeding

A little ode to the joys of breast-feeding penned whilst, yes you guessed it…breast-feeding! Dedicated to all those friends I have perhaps neglected of late. Perhaps some of you out there will connect with this.

I don’t really want to chat, 

When I have a gaping wound on my breast, 

I don’t really want to chat, 

When I have a tiger’s mouth at my chest, 

I don’t really want to chat, 

When I have stabbing pains when he feeds, 

I don’t really want to chat…

Please forgive me!

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mother, lawyer, philosopher, feminist, writer, artist
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2 Responses to Blissful breast feeding

  1. Justine Harding says:

    hang in there La Reine 🙂 On the upside, you do get to sit still for a while & not run around frantically trying to do many things at once 🙂

    • mumurings says:

      Thank you for the comment “La Reine de Williams…”. You have prompted me to give further thought to my motivation for my post on breast feeding and I have turned to the useful resource Wikipedia and its explanation of the comedic genre “Satire”.

      Amongst other things, the explanation of “satire” as a genre contains a comment: “Because satire often combines anger and humour it can be profoundly disturbing – because it is essentially ironic or sarcastic, it is often misunderstood”. It also states: “he Ig Nobel Prize satire on trivial scientific research describes this as “first make people laugh, and then make them think” – a fair definition of satire itself”.

      It is perhaps this latter “definition” that I relate to most of all. Whilst breast-feeding is no doubt natural and extremely beneficial to a baby, the extreme pain which accompanies the process for many women is a side not readily explored or “owned up to” in today’s media. Citing poor attachment as the key reason for painful breast-feeding places full responsibility on the mother as the reason for why the feeding may be painful, without conceding that for many women, no matter how much attention is placed on attachment, breast feeding is an excruciating process. Accepting this as “part of the process” and finding some humour in my dark moments is the way I have chosen to cope. I hope that other women might do the same!
      (And yes, on the up side, I am getting to watch plenty of episodes of “Mad Men” at the moment!!)


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