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The market place of ideas…who cares??

There is an interesting article in today’s Weekend Australian, an interview with Philosopher John Armstrong from the University of Melbourne regarding the growing decline of the importance of the humanities to the general population. Armstrong refers to the reduction in … Continue reading

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Mothering: A la Naturale

Mothering doesn’t come more naturally than this…and doesn’t she look so comfortable. Cindy Sherman makes us painfully aware of why we continue to struggle with the role of ‘motherhood’ in our privileged world where we are ‘spoilt for choice’ when … Continue reading

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Blissful breast feeding

A little ode to the joys of breast-feeding penned whilst, yes you guessed it…breast-feeding! Dedicated to all those friends I have perhaps neglected of late. Perhaps some of you out there will connect with this. I don’t really want to … Continue reading

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