Why the carbon tax is good regardless of its merits

I am not an environmental scientist, nor do I pretend to have any detailed understanding of the intricacies of global warming and the various solutions to combat it, however the recent position taken by the Federal Government on a “carbon tax” as a solution is to me a step forward in the right direction of public policy regardless of its merits in the larger environmental debate. This is because it firstly takes some form of stance in the environmental debate, thereby necessitating actual debate on what should be done to deal with the protection of the environment. Whereas previously the issue was in the “to be decided at a later date” category, enabling debate to remain largely academic, the impending imposition of the carbon tax requires politicians, experts and the population at large to consider the issues and make a decision.

Secondly, it is unpopular politics, something which always warms my heart given the populist nature of some many political decisions and the unrelenting nature of the electoral cycle in Australian politics. Unpopular policy decisions hint at a certain fortitude of mind and strength of principle, a determination to take a stance for the good of the nation no matter what its electoral ramifications. Of course this is pure idealism but it gives hope that some of our leaders actually have the conviction and principles to tackle the hard questions on behalf of us all, popular or not!

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1 Response to Why the carbon tax is good regardless of its merits

  1. Texasjune says:

    After extensive research, I have concluded that the carbon-credit financial transaction process is nothing more than a scam perpetrated against every energy consumer in the world, and designed to make a few extremely wealthy. The regions that have no choice but to provide energy will be forced to “buy credits” and pass the cost on to the commercial and private consumer. Those regions that cannot provide for themselves (but own forests, as an example), would “sell” their “credits” to have an alternate income. The real wealth is that created at the Boards of Trade owned by mega-banks and mega-private investors. In brief summary, the system creates a huge profit center, with the secondary goal of redistributing wealth from one country to another. It does nothing to improve the environmental concerns. Extremely powerful and wealthy people have been involved in this play – it’s sometimes scary to witness the greed, when they believe the unwashed masses are truly stupid and gullible – and are always willing to believe anything if cloaked in a nice environmental or compassionate storyline.

    I rarely will respond with an alternate view to someone’s sincere post; but, in this serious case, I wanted to give you the option to keep or delete my opinion. I hope you understand.

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