Status anxiety…who are we?

Driving past a billboard the other day promoting the new Claremont Quarter, the scene is a young woman stylishly dressed,  sombre lighting and a hip cafe environment, the words are.. “Soho, New York?”. The implication obviously being, this new shopping centre is so hip that one would think we were in Soho, New York.

I couldn’t help but wonder why in Perth we always need to reference another place as being the standard to which we need to live up to. It oozes insecurity and self doubt and places us in the doomed position of always having to live up to being something other than we are. Let’s face it, Perth isn’t New York and nor will it ever be. If you want to live in New York, go and live there. Otherwise, how about we start promoting the things that Perth is good for and the reasons why many people choose to live here. Only by fostering our own identity as a city, a people and a culture can we reach some form of satisfaction with our existence here. I could go on and reflect on the obvious parallels with individual status anxiety but will leave it here for today.

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mother, lawyer, philosopher, feminist, writer, artist
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